Friday, March 20, 2015

Time Management Motivators in the Online Course

I embedded the following 'Online Course Countdown' into my online courses for students to get motivated and manage their time.  It is from the website You can set up a countdown for weddings, babies, grads, etc.  right down to the second.  In my case it is till June 1, 2015 when students should be completed their 100 hour long online high school course.  I made it clear that these days include weekends as there is probably only 45 days of actual school days or business days when students can work with us or contact us.

I feel it is very important to help online learners learn the skills of an online learner as they don't realize that there are skills, tips and tricks to learn.  They mistakenly think online courses are easier as they are not sychronous (same time and/or place) but are asynchronous (different time and/or place) thus they must be easier.  However the skills that they must learn and practice include time management, independence, self-motivation, practice, asking for help, etc.

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