Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My First SaskEd Chat

I enjoyed my first #SaskedChat and it definitely put me in the "Aha" Stage of the "Five Stages of a Twitter User."  I couldn't believe how fast paced it was and was thankful that I was using the Tweetdeck.  Initially I slowed it down but did not like constantly refreshing so I just went full speed ahead.  I managed to keep up after I learned you can click on someone in a row and then you are able to scroll up or down to keep up with the Q & A.

I am a "short and sweet" type personality so the limited use of characters and the directness appeals to me.  I also learned an invaluable lesson again.  That is to learn to take a little information here and there as it passes by.  You do not have to read every single word from every single participant.  This is a hard lesson for me to learn as I am "Old School."  I know as with all  my skills practice and patience will help me learn this new digital citizenship skill.  I know that when I am tired or frustrated I revert back to my old ways of learning/teaching and I need to stop and recognize this within myself.

image source from twitter:  unknown

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