Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Diving In!

I enjoyed the first lecture "meet & greet" with the ECMP 455 course.  I am definitely gaining both inspiration and enthusiasm so far! I  played around with my Twitter hashtags and found some great leads for my Native Studies 30 and ELA 30.  I am very impressed with the Google+ hashtag communities as well. The Native Studies is the course I would like to revise as my project for this course.                                                                                                                                                As an online educator for the past ten years it is not easy to totally revamp courses while students are working on them.  In fact it is difficult to create them as students are working on them period.  They can easily catch up to you as you are building and pressure you to build quantity and not quality.  In my Masters of Distance Education courses the amount of time to build/develop a course was said to be around 1.5 times the time it takes to do the course or 150 hours.  I have had to build them in 40-50 hours.  Then I have revamped and tweaked them over the years due to link rot, current events, new web tools, etc. 

I have the base for my Native Studies 30 course and the quantity but I would like to work on the quality.  In other words the genuine, functional, and meaningful aspects that would add to my students' lives.  I want to do more project based, inquiry based, and student initiated assessments. I feel that this course has more potential to empower my students to become their own "champions." 

I have enlisted two educators at the Northern Regional college to work on it with me as it is always better to collaborate and learn from each other.  Again my ability to network with other online educators has not been successful on a frequent or consistent basis.  As these instructors teach only face to face their feedback and input will be a great resource to keep the course down to earth.   #online education