Thursday, February 19, 2015

Full Circle
Embrace Challenges and Find the Enlightenment You've Always Had

  As I am working on improving my online courses it seems I am coming full circle.  I was reviewing some articles on motivating students in Edudemic and came across the article, "Creative Hacks for Increasing Student Productivity" by Aiden Wolfe.  One hack is to decode your students to help alleviate Student Apathy.  This takes me back to my first online course I had a PowerPoint called "How are you Smart?" which students went through to find out their learning styles.  Do you know your strengths and weaknesses as a learner? Nowadays there are quite a few online surveys such as this one to use:  Find your Strengths
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I would like to bring back this lesson/survey as I feel it is important for students to understand how they learn best in order to help motivate them.  It is vital for students to develop a positive self-identity as life-long learners in order to fully engage in online courses.  I know that the majority of my students have had very negative experiences in and out of formal education to the point that they feel negatively about themselves.  I always point out to my adult learners who have been out of school for years that they have a lot of Prior Learning as we are constantly learning.

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Personally I feel more positive and in control when I am able to understand the "big picture" and the historical reasons or contexts that have impacted my life.  It helps me focus on moving forward when I recognize there are some obstacles /challenges that you can never move but you can find more than one way around and away from them.  What are your personal/professional/educational obstacles?  Can you remove them? go around them? ignore them?  Should they impact your self-image? Why or why not?  I personally struggle with making sure others are "comfortable" at my own personal expense ( I try to remove obstacles for others).  I am learning the life lesson of letting others' be uncomfortable in their own struggles.  These practice sessions allow them to build their personal strength of character in preparation for the bigger personal life battles they will inevitably encounter. #learning styles